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Welcome to Cambridge Pediatrics. We are glad that you are here and are honored that you have entrusted your child to our care. We are committed to providing the highest level of care for our patients. You, as a parent, are your child's principal advocate for delivery of health care. Along with you and your insurance company, we make up a health care team working for your child.

Please log into the patient portal to request future appointments (please call the office for same day appointments), request prescription refills, ask questions of the physicians, billing staff and referral coordinators, update your demographic and insurance information, among other things.

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Office News

PLEASE NOTE: 10/19/2020
Please note that we have changed our check-in procedure. It is important that you verify we have the correct cell number for you when you call to schedule an appointment. Our system now pushes a link for you to check in for your appointment, if it is a same day appointment you should receive the message approximately two hours prior to your appointment time. If you do not receive the check-in link, please call our office so that we can re-send the link.

(Updated 09/15/2020):
Check out The Pediatric Mama Blog at www.mamapeds.com for online infant and child health information for parents by Dr. Tuere Hughes-Kapenzi

(Updated) 10/13/2020:
You can now book your flu vaccine appointment by calling our office during normal office hours at (301) 645-1133. Due to the pandemic we are requiring that patients have an appointment for the Flu vaccine administration including for the Boo To Flu clinic on October 31, 2020. We will not be accepting walk-ins this year due to the social distancing requirements. We appreciate your understanding.

We are now connected to CHADIS. Filling out the CHADIS questionnaires before the visit gives you and the doctor more time to talk about issues that you may want to make sure get addressed. Please log into your patient portal to complete any questionnaires that are assigned to you prior to your routine appointment for well visits, asthma and ADHD check ups and any visits for behavior or anxiety problems.

We would like to assure our families that we
Due to the COVID19 Pandemic we have temporarily changed our office hours to be the following:

Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Please contact us via the answering service at (301) 609-5235 if you have an urgent medical matter while the office is closed and need to be connected to the provider that is on call.

We are currently offering many types of appointments via Telehealth including routine medication checks for AHDH and asthma, well child care for children over the age of 2 years, follow up appointments, and the triaging of symptoms for illnesses and treatment in most cases. We can send a link directly to your phone for you to connect with when it is your appointment time, no need to log into the portal. You can easily connect with your smart phone or tablet and still also have the option to connect with your computer thru the patient portal. We are still seeing patients in the office as well during the posted hours above but for scheduled appointments only. We are NOT accepting walk-ins at this time.

If you have a newborn or a child two years or younger that needs immunizations or someone in need of a booster we are still seeing you in the office. We would like to assure you that we are following CDC guidelines for the decontamination of our office and are following these procedures vigilantly. Our exam rooms are disinfected between every patient. We are practicing social distancing throughout the office. In most cases, patients are being roomed within just a few minutes upon their arrival. Calling us upon your arrival to let us know that you are here is available. Once we know that you are here we can get your room prepared and call you back when it is ready.

We are limiting the number of visitors to our office. We respectfully request that only ONE parent/legal guardian bring the patient in for their visit and that you do not send the patient in with a relative that is considered a part of the vulnerable population (over 60 or one that has underlying serious health conditions for their own safety).

We ask that anyone with a cough, fever or shortness of breath call us for triage or to schedule a televisit appointment. We are not testing for the Coronavirus in our office. For most cases, healthy persons with the virus can be treated at home unless they are in acute distress. Providers are requesting that persons stay out of the ER and treat the patient’s symptoms at home as you would the flu. Keep the person isolated until they are no longer running a fever and coughing. For patients with underlying health conditions which make them high risk it is most likely that we will refer the patient for testing providing that they meet the testing guidelines set by CDC.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation with our disease prevention measures.

In the Event of an Emergency

Please call 911. For urgent medical questions or advice during office hours please call the office, and after office hours, call our answering service at 301-609-5235 and your call will be returned by the physician on call.