Online Resources

Healthy Children, the AAP parenting website

In December 2009, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) launched, a new website offering trustworthy, up-to-the-minute pediatric health advice and guidance for parents and caregivers, along with interactive tools and personalized content.


CHADIS is a unique, web-based diagnostic, management, and tracking tool designed to assist professionals in addressing parents’ concerns about their child’s behavior and development efficiently while streamlining other routines of the visit. Parents collaborate in their child’s care by completing online CHADIS questionnaires from home.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI Southern Maryland offers: Family and Individual Support Groups; Courses for individuals, parents and caregivers; Mental Health Education information.

Car Seat Recommendations

There are many car seat choices on the market. Use the information below to help you choose the type of car seat that best meets your child’s needs.

5 Myths About Vaccines

This link will take you to a slide show concerning the myths about vaccines.

Myth vs Facts: Getting the Facts about Vaccines

Before making decissions about vaccination for your child, it’s important to get the facts. Learn More about Vaccines.


SafetyTat is a fun and colorful kids temporary safety tattoo that’s uniquely personalized with your cell phone number. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification that stays in place even when wet and lasts for 1-5 days.

Future Horizons

For those families with children diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism, Future Horizons has all sorts of information (books, ebooks, sensory resources, conferences, etc) that can help.

Helpful Smartphone Apps

iron kids logo

Iron Kids

Includes everything a young athlete (ages 8 and up) needs to safely build strength, balance, and fitness. Also contains content from the DVD Home Strength Training for Young Adults.

Car Seat Helper logo

Car Seat Helper

This app provides an easy way to choose the right car seat for a child based on the guidelines published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

KidsDoc logo


Is your child sick? Whether you’re on the go or at home, this app will help you know what to do next.

ADHD Tracker logo

ADHD Tracker

Makes completing and submitting a behavioural assessment easier for parents and teachers of children ages 4-18 years who have already been diagnosed and treated for ADHD.

ADHD Tracker logo

No More Meltdowns

It could happen at home, school, the grocery store or a restaurant. Meltdowns are stressful for both child and adult, but Dr. Baker’s No More Meltdown app can help! His popular book gives the tools to deal with and prevent out-of-control behavior.